Leonardo Da Vinci


About this project

A story of the most diversely talented person that have ever lived, Leonardo da Vinci, an Italian Renaissance polymath, whose discoveries have altered the course of development of human thought. Fascinated by the idea of flight, Leonardo had invented an ornithopter, an aircraft designed to fly by flapping its wings. This genius had created a unique full-sized model of a rearing horse for the largest equestrian statue and painted the most mysterious paintings of all time, constantly competing with his bitter rival Michelangelo for both commissions and fame. He illustrated human anatomy, designed an armored car equipped with a large number of weapons, a robotic knight that could replace dozen of soldiers and conceived hundreds of other inventions across a variety of fields.




World Media Festival (Hamburg) -– Globe Gold / Docudrama category
The US International Film & Video Festival (Los Angeles) – Silver Screen
WorldFest Houston – Platinum Remi Award 

My Role:

Creative Director, VFX Supervisor, Matte Painter, Composer, Trailer montage

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