the stronghold defence

The Stronghold Defence

Mobile game with AR

About this project

Our team has produced a Tower Defense game as a part of promotional campaign for The Stronghold, the first Ukrainian fantasy movie coming soon to theatres. The film itself centers on a main character, Victor, ordinary student of our time, who travels through the magic portal back in time a thousand years ago. He becomes a witness to the incredible events, meets epic heroes and enters into battle with mythical creatures.

Together with the marketing team we strove to be more creative about viewer engagement and provided a truly unique experience through Augmented reality (AR) technologies.

The Stronghold Defense, an AR game perfectly compatible with smartphones and iPads, gives the audience a taste of the movie to come. We’ve integrated some elements of film’s story, such as the glorious fights of ancient warriors against cumans. The player has to repel the enemies’ assault on the city of Kiev through building defence towers, thus protecting the magic portal and the land from cumans’ invasion. To bring warriors of the AR battlefield to life, the user should print a special marker and focus the camera of his device on it.

The game has been developed for such mobile platforms as IOS & Android, and is available for free download from App Store & Google Play. We are happy to see how this interactive AR application makes the movie promotional campaign to stand out and builds pre-release anticipation.



My Role:

Author of idea, Art Direction, Game Art Design, Producing

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