Tsiolkovsky's amazing worlds


About this project

The film portrays the life of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, a pioneer in space exploration, one of the founding fathers of rocketry and astronautics. This brilliant Russian schoolteacher designed multistage boosters and space stations, did much fruitful work on physics of the Moon and its environment, concept of the Solar system and weightlessness. He was one of the first who proposed the idea of using jet engines in future aircraft for interplanetary travel. Tsiolkovsky’s unequalled dreams of space colonisation and other fantasies have gradually turned into outstanding scientific inventions: monoplane, all-metal dirigible aerostat controllable by man, wind tunnel, space elevator and many other discoveries.




WorldFest Houston – Platinum Remi Award  
New York Film and TV Awards – Finalist Certificate    

My Role:

Creative Director, Concept Designer, VFX Supervisor


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